First 30 days of Starting a Blog on WordPress

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Expectations of Starting a Blog

  • LOW expectation… clue how to start a blog
  • Do not know of many people in my community who blog
  • Would love to make an extra $200 a month to help out with expenses
  • I have watched a few videos from bloggers who have stated that blogging takes time to take off
  • I want to share my love for healthy baking/sweet treats on my blog
  • Hopefully achieve a few page views and comments on my blog posts
  • Check into Pinterest Business Account
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What has happened in the first 30 days of blogging?

  • 1. I followed a blog post plus YouTube video from Jennifer Maker on how to create a new website.
  • 2. Created my first website on
  • 3. I learned what a plug-in was! ha!
  • 4. Trial and error over and over again. I had an idea of how I wanted my site to look and what to include. Google is your best friend when getting your website set up.
  • 5. Joined a WordPress facebook group–they are an amazing about of help with any and all questions you WILL have!
  • 6. WordPress chat is also AMAZING help for pointing one in the right direction!
  • 7. Watched YouTube videos on how to set up plug-ins.
  • 8. Familiarized myself with WordPress editing!
  • 9. Opened a business Pinterest account. Started pinning immediately.
  • 10. Found out what a lead-magnet is!
  • 11. Had a few scary moments, not knowing how to get my blog the way I wanted it to look.

I have learned SO much in a very short amount of time. It is scary and it was a big jump for me to start my OWN website and business account on Pinterest. It is tons of fun exploring and figuring things out. Patience and time are needed to set up a website the way you want it to look and what items to include, like social media buttons! YouTube is an amazing help, as is Facebook groups! Also, other bloggers stories, helpful blogs, and encouragement is key in starting a blog!

Goals for next month

  • 100 page views on my new website
  • start an email list (might be after the summer craziness)
  • 50 followers on Pinterest
  • 15 posts on my new WordPress website
  • an awesome idea for a lead magnet

All in all, starting a blog has been an awesome experience. There were a few times, I wasn’t sure if I would get my blog to appear and perform how I wanted it to. Google and WordPress chat were amazing help and I was always able to figure problems out. I would love to encourage you to try it out today! If I can do it, you can too!

Please comment below, if there is anything I didn’t cover, that you have a question about. Hearing from you would be wonderful. I didn’t go into great detail on every point, so please ask if you would like more info on one of the points! Are you interested in starting your own blog? What niche are you interested in? Would love to hear about your ideas!

Keep your body, soul, and mind healthy! 1 Thessalonians 5:23


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